Unus Annus - Post Mortem

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2 måneder siden

1.5 Million people were watching as we laid Unus Annus to rest. Thank you for turning these past 365 days into something truly special. Without you, it wouldn't have mattered at all. Memento Mori.

Aleemuddin Mohammed
Aleemuddin Mohammed 13 timer siden
K.I.T 14 timer siden
We were a part of somethig truly beuatiful. Rest in peace Unus Annus. Memento Mori
Initials JD
Initials JD 16 timer siden
Ngl from what i heard from people it was an amazing project, wonderful. Too bad i wasn't there to experience it. But whoever did, must've had a great time and enjoyed themselves.
Zoe Afton
Zoe Afton Dag siden
I cry everyday because I always expect an Unus Annus video... Memento Mori I will always be an Annus 😉
Blitznova2 Dag siden
i dont know if anyone here was there when the original 12 hr left stream started well in the first hour does anyone remember the trolly problem they were talking about an how that mark isnt a masochist and somehow it got brought up of how hard would a trolly hit you and they didn't know so amy (fucking amy who i though was the one to help keep mark and ethans head out of the cloud and feet on the ground) suggested they hit mark with a car which they could do then i was watching like wtf why does no one think this is strange isnt amy like the reasonable one and aparently not that was new to me
cliberty165 Dag siden
Unnus annus dies in 2020 all of us in 2039 I remember unnus annus do you
Joe Ramsay
Joe Ramsay Dag siden
Only stupid people will dislike this video
puppet fnaf
puppet fnaf Dag siden
R.I.P unus annus ◼️◻️👬
Ramsey Schaefer
Ramsey Schaefer Dag siden
What’s unus annus? There’s no record of that ever in history.
sakuramich RBLX
sakuramich RBLX 2 dager siden
Imagine someone made Unus Annus again and upload the ORIGINAL unus annus videos
Matthieu Erger
Matthieu Erger 10 timer siden
That would ruin the purpose, Good that nobody would do that would they?
Suzanne Decoursay
Suzanne Decoursay 2 dager siden
Oh my god fuckingMultiplier
Suzanne Decoursay
Suzanne Decoursay 2 dager siden
Suzanne Decoursay
Suzanne Decoursay 2 dager siden
No please I like Markiplier Unis honest
Caleb Brzycki
Caleb Brzycki 2 dager siden
You know what Mark in A Hesit With Markiplier I want another musical just like the first time
Gerstein03 2 dager siden
Is this meant to be a lesson in grief? Because it's a damn good lesson
Hunter Avery
Hunter Avery 2 dager siden
you know its im portant when mark says : the - the the - the the-
Jakus 2 dager siden
Ethan: *sobbing mess* UA fans: *sobbing mess" Mark: YOOOO FUCK DEL MONTE
Izzy Lucero
Izzy Lucero 2 dager siden
Roses are red ketchup is to if you like Unas Annus to then hit this like button blue
The Gaming Viper
The Gaming Viper 2 dager siden
Can’t believe unus annus has been gone for 2 months already
Jpbb lawho
Jpbb lawho 2 dager siden
Pjpi mjjpi mi dnimwwenjhnjv
ThePanOne WhoDoesArt
ThePanOne WhoDoesArt 2 dager siden
i miss all the memes from unus annus ;-;
Jinxx 2 dager siden
I actually didn't think I could handle watching this or Ethan's video after Unus Annus ended. I am only now facing my feelings and these videos and I am in tears.
Malissa Boone
Malissa Boone 2 dager siden
When your still waiting for your Unus annus hoodie and its January...... and you ordered the hoodie literally the day before Unus annus ended ..........😶😶😶
Lucy Mihaljevic
Lucy Mihaljevic 2 dager siden
This made me cry but was low-key therapeutic for me
angeleena bates
angeleena bates 2 dager siden
ok i really want mark and Ethan to react to the videos of random unus annus video moments people have saved to there phone and made compolatons of
kulpy 3 dager siden
i was there for 355 day of it and hearing him say buh bye!!ugh yea i know its the point but i literally cried go fuck yourself mark
Reese Kempinski
Reese Kempinski 3 dager siden
For some reason I'm still able to watch unus anus
Kellogg The G
Kellogg The G 3 dager siden
I wonder if Mark realizes that someone is making a literal exact copy of Unus Annus and reuploading every single video even though the entire purpose was to let it be deleted and gone after a year because it's their wishes to delete it and make it more personal and great
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk 2 dager siden
Eh, it was pretty inevitable. Mark has millions of subscribers. There's bound to be a few dickheads in there. (And also, the Internet Archive exists.)
GoldenLover 456
GoldenLover 456 3 dager siden
It’s been 2 months since the livestream. 10 more months to go for a year without them :(
Isabelle Van Rys
Isabelle Van Rys 3 dager siden
I pay my fellow respect. F.
Ticci_Taffy 69
Ticci_Taffy 69 3 dager siden
When he said he will do it until he dies. It’s gonna be hella sad when he gets grey hairs
ツaiisuru 18 timer siden
he already has some lmao
jåmie uh
jåmie uh 3 dager siden
Reese 2 dager siden
same here but that's NOpost for you. they don't let you stay subscribed to deleted channels.
Fennec J'Fox Little
Fennec J'Fox Little 3 dager siden
Just glad I didn't subscribe to the channel, that has a word "Anus" in it's name
Matthieu Erger
Matthieu Erger 10 timer siden
Well ACTUALLY it’s not anus it’s Annus sooooo. (I‘m being annoying on purpose, so just for your information, I‘m not serious)
Kingbudman 3 dager siden
I spend hours a day on NOpost and I can honestly say I only watched parts of a few videos over the year. If the content would have been better maybe I would have cared more about it being gone.
iiValsxmmer 4 dager siden
Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?
HeinzGaming 2 dager siden
I glad knew was Unus Annus was. I believe i have watched every Video of Unus Annus
iiValsxmmer 3 dager siden
@isa yeah I had no idea this existed until it was gone
isa 3 dager siden
i know the feeling
Colin Schwartz
Colin Schwartz 4 dager siden
I will never forget mark going through hell while listening to BFG division
Harrison Hardwick
Harrison Hardwick 4 dager siden
Who stayed sub subscribed anyways after the end
Rott3nAng3l 4 dager siden
I STILL get chills watching this video and Ethans.
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 4 dager siden
jonas prieto
jonas prieto 4 dager siden
I’m so sad I accidentally unsubbed because I didn’t know that you can’t re subscribe 😭😡
Ywgx 4 dager siden
Fern Writter
Fern Writter 4 dager siden
I am honestly Concerned with his future content.... like am i going to cry and hug him or call Mark an SOB???
Not Happy
Not Happy 4 dager siden
but what is unus annus
Matthieu Erger
Matthieu Erger 10 timer siden
It was a channel where Markiplier and Ethan made a channel that would be deleted in one year to spread the information that not everything lasts forever, and that lets you appreciate those things.
Aztecgod Huzluiospd
Aztecgod Huzluiospd 4 dager siden
My great grandfather passed on today He was 93 & lived a wonderful life I will miss him greatly 😭😭😭 Memento Mori Pra děda Kaja I made this comment because know I truly know the meaning of unnus annus & I thank you for that mark🙏🏼🥲
Tord The Funny Doofus
Tord The Funny Doofus 4 dager siden
I loved that video where you guys went to a escape room thing. I wish I recorded it so I could watch it over and over cause Ethan got freaked out XD
Rory Otaku
Rory Otaku 5 dager siden
He's like a normal artist We get rid of something we worked on for HOURS or destroy it and keep destroying it! And it feels like th e weight of the world was taken off your shoulders, but its also like throwing away a baby
Timz Boiled Eggs
Timz Boiled Eggs 5 dager siden
marks way of saying, "you gotta prepare for the future of those're close to you."
Samantha Bradford
Samantha Bradford 5 dager siden
heist 2? theres a heist 2? HELL YEAH
Wyatt Hash
Wyatt Hash 5 dager siden
I did not have time on my phone when it ended
JakeSnake Gaming
JakeSnake Gaming 5 dager siden
Reese 2 dager siden
JakeSnake Gaming
JakeSnake Gaming 5 dager siden
Matthieu Erger
Matthieu Erger 10 timer siden
Adam Williams
Adam Williams 5 dager siden
No its fine at the last they invite keanu reaves
Archie Williams
Archie Williams 5 dager siden
Uns Angus is nt gon peopl ar ree uplode uns Angus ha nise try
Matthieu Erger
Matthieu Erger 10 timer siden
Speech 100
AdamToons 5 dager siden
ARE WE DEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SAID HEIST 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Satsujin Sakana
Satsujin Sakana 5 dager siden
Well, let's meet again in the archives of every single video they made.
Kilgorio 5 dager siden
Boss 56
Boss 56 5 dager siden
The red in the backround its damien talking
Drakarious 5 dager siden
i kinda wish i could go back and see some of it as i heard alot but never saw them
Jonah Ewalt
Jonah Ewalt 5 dager siden
Ummm I don't know if you know Mark, but I just discovered a channel on youtube named Unus Annus which has 4 videos of what was on the now deleted Unus Annus.
Jonah Ewalt
Jonah Ewalt Dag siden
@Reese Ah, well glad he knows! Thanks!
Reese 2 dager siden
he knows. but there isn't much that can be done; legal stuff takes time
Rachel Tjokrorahardjo
Rachel Tjokrorahardjo 5 dager siden
4:24 mark: until i slide into my grave, i will keep making things. me, now after mark said he isn't real: *visible confusion*
tokyo.is.happy 5 dager siden
it still hurts ya know? no matter how many times i tell myself it wouldnt have ended any different i can never convince myself. no matter how long it isnt there, no matter how long i log into youtube to the same old videos, no matter how long i have to deal with it, its forever gone. Memento Mori, Unus Annus
jk j
jk j 5 dager siden
I'm sad that it got deleted I was crying at 12:am
FSG Chrizz
FSG Chrizz 6 dager siden
The secret project that Mark had to bleep out in this video has got me thinking. Before he bleep it out, it sounded like he was going to say something that had an “Aaa” sound to it at the beginning. If some of you have been paying attention on the internet, you will Immediately think he was going to say “Afton”. And we all know what “Afton” means. He could of said the next big project he was working on other than Heist 2 is the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie. On the “Scottworld” youtube channel, it was confirmed that Markiplier, MatPat, Dawko, and maybe Jack Black are gonna play important roles/characters in the FNAF/Mike Afton movie. Recently now, Mark has been posting “confessions” on his channel from his friends and editors saying that he isnt’/is real. If you think about this very hard, you could think that this could have something to tie with the production of the FNAF/Mike Afton movie. Why? Because the beginning of production of the FNAF/Mike Afton movie starts this year and Mark has been posting this stuff that should tie into this movie this year as well. Am I getting to you yet? I might not be right about this, but this is just a theory in my mind. Hopefully what I just said is true.
Juice Box
Juice Box 6 dager siden
stop the clock...
HeinzGaming 2 dager siden
rewind the clock lol
Juice Box
Juice Box 4 dager siden
I know I just finished watching the game theory vid about that
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z 4 dager siden
You’re 2 months late mate
Alexis Ledbetter
Alexis Ledbetter 6 dager siden
do more raft and forest
phorg 6 dager siden
yes i'm still grieving don't judge
Lucca Chirico
Lucca Chirico 6 dager siden
Make another unnus Annus!!!!
Just Your Everyday Red Crayon
Just Your Everyday Red Crayon 6 dager siden
There is a channel called unus annus rebirth with all unus annus videos on it im not saying watch it im saying this to tell mark and the team to delete it
Victor Ma
Victor Ma 6 dager siden
unus annus is a legendary channel. not only does it have great funny content, it really teaches us the value of life. The only reason why the channel is so missed is because it "lived". It did whatever it's supposed to do and then it died, and that's life. Markiplier and ethan and all the other people didn't hold on to it like a bitch, they just did they're best while it's alive and watch it die in dignity. And that's life, live however you want to so you won't regret leaving in the end
Amin Playz
Amin Playz 6 dager siden
Rip unnus annus, pay respect.
Gabriel Hartin
Gabriel Hartin 6 dager siden
Mark & Ethan: deletes Unus Annus Me: *realises somebody died on the exact moment Unus Annus was deleted*👁👄👁
Glass Pain
Glass Pain 4 dager siden
_an end for an end✨_
memesupergod77 6 dager siden
We miss you unas anus you lived an good run
Rayley Phelps
Rayley Phelps 6 dager siden
Jack Dangerous
Jack Dangerous 6 dager siden
Whats going on with las minute order merch?
sah dude
sah dude 6 dager siden
I could genuinely fall asleep to mark's voice it's so soothing-
Davis Tuck
Davis Tuck 6 dager siden
I missed almost all of it due to a deployment
Intimidate _lazer
Intimidate _lazer 6 dager siden
When you know how much time you have, you wanna make the most of it right?
steamed_ham 6 dager siden
I found two channels that literally took the unas annus name and are just posting the videos with the comments shut off
Okasih 6 dager siden
Yet the channel still exists and has I think 4 videos left? So what's the point of this when you didn't actually delete it?
username : I suck at usernames
username : I suck at usernames 6 dager siden
they did delete it, thats a random repost channel
Sean Burgos
Sean Burgos 7 dager siden
Can you make unus annus 2.0
HeinzGaming 2 dager siden
@Sean Burgos They have Remembered Death, that was the point ;D
Sean Burgos
Sean Burgos 7 dager siden
So like every year is a unus annus
Ken Bucket
Ken Bucket 7 dager siden
If you love your children and pets then unplug your router NOW.
Eduardo Cezar
Eduardo Cezar 7 dager siden
What a satisfying artist :)
William Bates
William Bates 7 dager siden
Aidan Milne
Aidan Milne 7 dager siden
a second heist with markiplier! I am so exited
Patrik Matanović
Patrik Matanović 7 dager siden
Unus annus is not deleted. why?
username : I suck at usernames
username : I suck at usernames 6 dager siden
thats a random repost channel
imojen ashli
imojen ashli 7 dager siden
This really got to heart and I don't know why....
PixelDoesStuff _
PixelDoesStuff _ 7 dager siden
Ethan and the Cult Members: *mourning and crying* Mark: so I'm in the hospital again
Lola Turner
Lola Turner 7 dager siden
Mark is not real its annus
Ben The Bird
Ben The Bird 7 dager siden
I never watched it and i honestly regret it
Lost In a forest
Lost In a forest 7 dager siden
bro they deleted unus annus when it was near my bday
Muja M.
Muja M. 7 dager siden
He's going to make a cult again in the future
Jack Kanangimi
Jack Kanangimi 7 dager siden
Momento vitae
TheMajorLim 7 dager siden
Iwas literally watching an archive of it tonight and the channel got deleted as i was watching. .. Asshole... lol
Fox M 11
Fox M 11 8 dager siden
"I have some amazing things in the works. I'm doing to take a little break." Me: *expects a month or two* 2 weeks later: Lunky escapes, Lyxian posts video about Lunky escaping, Lyxian kills Lunky. Ties into next two 3 free horror games. Then 4 days ago Mark was never real. Hope you see this Mark and that your doing well!!! Can't wait to see where you take this!!! Lots of love from Fox M 11 and wife!!!
Julia Dowd
Julia Dowd 8 dager siden
@Markiplier By the way, I looked it up, and there's a whole new Unus Annus channel on youtube that is identical to yours with all full-length videos. It's just called Unus Annus. I thought you ought to know because you are right that there is no loss that way. I really hope you continue to work with Ethan in videos in the future.
Generous 8 dager siden
3:14 Perhaps this is related to his recent videos. Putting that out there.
Buggulo 8 dager siden
Still cant belive its gone 😢
Max m
Max m 8 dager siden
Remember, You Will Die. Memento Mori. Unus... Annus...
Patrick Van Kooten
Patrick Van Kooten 8 dager siden
I saw you guys wouldn't allow anyone to archive the channel. There is every single video together in a playlist on NOpost right now
Ca1eb 8 dager siden
“It will make sense when it ends” Sended chilllllllls
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